Sen. Emmons comments on State of the State address

LANSING—After listening to the governor’s 2015 State of the State address Tuesday night, Sen. Judy Emmons, R-Sheridan, issued the following statement:

“The governor once again laid out a positive plan of action to continue improving our state and creating a strong Michigan that gives current and future generations the ability to stay here to live, work and raise a family.

“I especially appreciated the governor’s initiative to transform state government into one that focuses on achieving results for people, rather than creating new programs. This ‘River of Opportunity’ approach to governing is important to improving the lives of our residents and attracting new jobs and investment to our state.

“As the chair of the Senate Families, Seniors and Human Services Committee, I look forward to working with the governor to promote opportunities through addressing family needs, assisting and protecting our seniors and helping ensure people have the support necessary to succeed.

“Most important to accomplishing this goal is to keep education a top priority. We must help boost student performance and ensure schools give every Michigan student an education that meets their needs. Career and technical education can play an important role in giving a student the skills required to fill one of the thousands of high-wage jobs currently open in Michigan.

“Michigan is made up of good people who deserve opportunities and freedom. We’re heading in the right direction, but as long as there are people struggling to make ends meet or looking for work, there is more to do.”