Sen. Emmons unveils legislation creating specialty military service motorcycle license plate

State Sen. Judy Emmons announced Tuesday she has sponsored legislation to honor U.S. veterans by allowing them to obtain a specially inscribed license plate for their motorcycle.

“For nearly 30 years, Michigan has honored its veterans by giving them the choice to use a specialty military service license plate on their car or truck,” said Emmons, R-Sheridan. “Considering how many of our veterans are motorcycle riders, it is time we extend them that same privilege. This is a means of honoring the individual veteran and reminding the public of their service, sacrifice and hardships endured on behalf of a grateful nation.”

Since 1982, Michigan has honored veterans by permitting them to obtain specialty license plates for motor vehicles.  Emmons’ measure would extend that honor to motorcycles.  The special plates would cost $5 in addition to the regular registration fee.

Emmons was joined at her announcement by representatives of various veterans groups, which all expressed support for the legislation.

Inscribed plates are available to former prisoners of war, disabled veterans, veterans of all major wars or conflicts, recipients of the Purple Heart, survivors of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, current and former members of the National Guard and military reserve, as well as anyone retired or honorably discharged from any branch of military service.